Our Kitchen & Sitting Area, Six Months In

Our Kitchen & Sitting Area, Six Months In

We shared this space three weeks after we moved in and now we’re back with a six month update for ya. Much like we said in that first post, we have some long term plans for this room, so this is just what it looks like as of this moment in time (I highly recommend photographing rooms to see how they evolve because it’s so much fun to look back on).

Since that three-weeks-in post, we did a series of inexpensive updates that have really made this room so comfortable and so useful for our family (first we made these five small changes, then we painted the cabinets, and here’s a post about how our much smaller kitchen is organized for anyone who likes to peek behind cabinet doors & drawers like me).

pendant light / similar table / kitchen chairs / Ikea shelving system / how we built the shelves

We have plans to fully renovate the kitchen down the line, but thanks to our updates, nothing about this current kitchen is spurring us on to get to that sooner rather than later – which is a nice feeling.

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