Friday Five With Joyce Wang of Joyce Wang Studio

Friday Five With Joyce Wang of Joyce Wang Studio

Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang, of Joyce Wang Studio, specializes in creating unique high-end experiences in luxury hospitality and residential interior design. The unifying thread you’ll find throughout are custom designed fixtures, details, and limited edition antique pieces and artisanal crafts sourced from all over the world. Joyce’s appreciation of the arts goes back to her time at the Royal College of Art, London. These days textiles, product design, film making, jewelry and the fashion industry all provide inspiration for her work. Small details can be observed in the custom pieces she designs for her spaces.

Joyce Wang Studio is based in London and Hong Kong, with notable projects such as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles), The Landmark Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong), Mott 32 (Hong Kong, Vegas and Vancouver) and The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park included in their portfolio.

“We’ve had the good fortune to work on projects that have a heritage value, whether it be the brand or the site,” said Joyce. “This has allowed us to create environments that reinvent traditions and craft narratives that beg the audience to question and interpret the surroundings.”

Today Joyce is joining us for Friday Five!


Photo courtesy The Archers Inc Instagram

1. The Archers Inc Instagram
It’s a curation of three objects every week. Seeing a pattern of design language that speaks to a certain aesthetic makes me look forward to his posts every week!

2. My London and Hong Kong Design Team
My ideas would mean nothing without them. I love waking up to the fresh ideas from London and easing into the evening with lots accomplished with the Hong Kong studio.

city promenade

Photo courtesy Rebecca Cairns

3. My Daily 5k Run
It’s the only time of day that is purely dedicated to myself. I love zoning out, taking in the fresh air and just reveling in the certainty of the beginning and the end of the same 5k run.

Thomas Keller

Photo via MasterClass

4. Thomas Keller’s MasterClass
His respect for ingredients always reminds me of how respecting the simplest of materials in the design world can lead to the best outcomes. I love the way he constantly cleans his worktop with gusto and precision, it makes me feel better about my OCD tendencies.


Photo courtesy Pleats Please

5. Pleats Please
A good friend recommended this brand for my wardrobe and I haven’t turned back since! Great for travel in that you can scrunch them up into a ball and put them straight on without a crease. The Menswear collection has incredible cuts and colors that I love to wear, too.

Work by Joyce Wang:

restaurant interior

Kyubi Restaurant at The Arts Club, London

seating area

Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

lounge area

Spa Club at the Equinox Hotel, NYC