The Braun Trimmer Evolution Concept Shaves Away the Extraneous Details

Designer Bas Kamp was frustrated after years of working as a design consultant within the personal grooming sector, “where marketers are making the decisions and setting the design rules resulting in products that look like F1 race cars,” a vexation most designers across all industries can certainly empathize with. The Eindhoven-based Kamp would permit himself the opportunity to reimagine what his ideal hair and beard trimmer might look like liberated from such trend-chasing concerns, resulting in the Braun Trimmer Evolution concept.

The resulting Braun Trimmer Evolution borrows heavily from the design principles of Dieter Rams, a concept bereft extraneous features and branding. “I believe a calmer appearance is a better fit within the bathroom environment,” notes Kamp. The design exploration even includes one of Dieter Rams’ design commandments – “Good design is unobtrusive” – across its packaging, as both a statement and reminder.

While the trimmer is a concept (one we hope Braun or another manufacturer would commit to manufacturing), the design underlines simplicity and a commitment toward functionality which never go out of style.