Instantly Fashionable FENDI x Vintage Polaroid Develops a Wavy New Design

Harkening to an era when instant film ruled rather than Instagram, the FENDI x Vintage Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 instant camera arrives as part of the fashion label’s Summer 2021 Capsule Collection emblazoned with a multicolored FF Vertigo logo motif given a wavy fisheye treatment.

The graphic treatment – described as “70s references with “90s vibes” – is credited to New York based artist Sarah Coleman who manipulated the iconic flipped double lettered monogram into a more loosely contemporary and playful design to emblazon the instant camera’s exterior. FENDI’s partnership with Coleman originated at Design Miami/ 2020 edition where she was commissioned to reinterpret the Miami Design District FENDI Boutique and create a series of one-of-a-kind design pieces.

First released in 1992, the vintage Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 camera is outfitted with a 110mm lens, f/10 aperture, fixed focus lens of 4’–infinity plus a sliding close-up lens (ideally for shooting photos from 2’-4’ distance), built-in flash with manual override, and uses Polaroid 600 film. With Coleman’s touch for giving “mundane objects an ironic highbrow air”, the instant film camera develops an entirely new persona.

The limited edition FENDI x Vintage Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 instant camera is available in FENDI Boutiques worldwide and on for $950. Optionally, a more affordable Polaroid x Teva cobranded vintage Polaroid 600 camera is available for $160, though our favorite design remains the rainbow-hued and crocodile-themed Lacoste x Polaroid capsule collection.