Desz Office Creates the Mind-Boggling Vase NA 2.0 Out of Empty Space

Vases are defined as containers with borders, but not these ones. Designed by Desz Office to explore the relationship between people and space, Vase NA 2.0 is a concept about lines, colors, and the idea of seemingly creating something out of nothing.

Vase NA 2.0 is made of a metal grid frame structure. Within each grid, gradient colors indicate a “vessel” resting inside, but there is no actual object in existence. The vase, by design, challenges the viewer’s perception, prompting them to acknowledge a vase within an object, while also reconciling with the fact that the vase does not actually exist. It breaks the inherent space constraints of a defined object and plays with the boundary between virtual and real. Whether you define it as a real vase or not, this objet d’art can still be enjoyed in any space.