The Minimalist Multifunctional D&DEPARTMENT JEJU by Schemata Architects

D&DEPARTMENT JEJU by ARARIO is a minimalist multifunctional space located in Jeju, South Korea, designed by Schemata Architects. The project includes a restaurant, store, gallery, workshop and hotel-like spaces serving as an extension of the store. The building was designed as a two-way cultural exchange point.

For the hotel spaces, dubbed “d room,” the rooms are lined up north to south along the central corridor with each room having a window looking out. No two rooms have the same floor plan, and have unique irregular layouts within.

Objects within the common area and private rooms – including furniture, plants and miscellaneous goods – are available for sale within the store. Since one building was not enough to accommodate all of the functions, the architects combined two buildings into one.

Photography by Ju Yeon Lee.