Jisun Kim’s Poly Series Shows the Potential of Recycled Plastic Bags

Disposable plastic bags are slowly being banned throughout the world. But as Korean designer Jisun Kim shares, there’s beauty to be found in the material when we recycle them. Her Poly Vase is the winner of the 2021 Lexus Creative Masters, but the Poly Series of home decor also includes a lamp made from the same material.

The semi-transparent plastic bags offered Kim durability and texture when creating her designs. “I wanted to give a comfortable feeling through relaxed lines without tension, and I wanted to show the value of craftsmanship that only humans can make,” she shares. “I wanted to show people the potential of turning thrown away plastic bags into vases with lifelike textures.”

Kim makes the fabric material by layering plastic bags using a hot press forming technique. After that, the design is sized and cut into pieces before heat joins each piece. The result is always a three-dimensional poly vase, but each one is unlike any other, even when the same technique is used. She said, “The unique texture created by melting plastic gives the impression of passing blood vessels on the surface of the product,” which is an incredible feature of a sustainable product.

To learn more about the Poly Series, visit studio-round.com.