Eskayel Has a New Take On the Classic Stripe Pattern

Appropriately named the STRIPES Collection, founder Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel created a new take on the classic pattern. These stripes have a loose, inky hand that’s quintessentially Eskayel, but the colorways were inspired by classic nautical colors and tones. What started out as a client commission has turned into a full collection of wallpapers, fabrics and pillows.

Campanaro shares more about the inspiration about her new pattern: “I have always found the concept of stripes as wallpaper not to be very exciting, but once I began exploring the idea as a commission I realize that by painting in a looser, inky hand I could create stripes in a more fun and edgy way.”

The STRIPES collection is available in four patterns – Bamboo Stripe, Bold Stripe, Gradient Stripe and Drippy Stripe – and in various colorways.

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