The Supergraphics Collection Collab Features Art by Iconic Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon. If you’re not familiar with the 92-year-old’s name, I highly suggest you watch the short documentary below that Adobe Create made as her work deserves proper recognition. The San Francisco native trained as a dancer before leaving for Switzerland in the 1950s to study graphic design with Armin Hoffman. After returning to California, “Bobbie” landed her first job helping with design at Sea Ranch, the planned housing community in Sonoma County. Tapping into her Swiss design background, she created the Sea Ranch Lodge’s iconic ram’s horn logo, along with other graphics on the property, which became known as Supergraphics. Due to a lack of funds to finish the property, Bobbie painted massive graphics on the walls, which perfectly merged Swiss modernism with a bold California aesthetic. After more than 70 years spent as a designer, Bobbie, who’s still working, is getting the spotlight she deserves, thanks to New York-based filmmaker and visual artist, Gary Hustwit. Launched via Oh You Pretty Things, the limited edition Supergraphics Collection is an exclusive collaboration highlighting three of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon’s Supergraphics inspired by her legendary 1967 designs for the Sea Ranch. The collection is available in t-shirts ($45) and tote bags ($30) in your choice of the Heart, Arrow and Wave designs until July 29th.

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon recently, with her “blue wave” graphic at Sea Ranch \ Photo: Paul Kozal

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon at the Sea Ranch in the 70s


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