Magic Circus Editions’ Pop-Up Lighting Collection Is Full of Playful Magic

Magic Circus Éditions, a brand established in 2015 by Marie-Lise Féry, has become known for lighting that plays with light and proportion. Fitting, since its designs are inspired by cabarets and the circus. By rethinking, reimagining and redesigning everyday objects, Féry tells stories via airy, playful and magical details. The pieces are captivating and handmade by talented European artisans using unique manufacturing processes and bespoke finishes. Magic Circus Éditions’ most recent work – the Pop-Up Collection – merges 70s retro aesthetics with contemporary design for imaginative, fun and playful results. Each piece of lighting is oversized, yet with a weightless quality that adds to its charm. The combination of traditional know-how and her imaginative take on historical, everyday objects lends an unexpected and charming quality to her creations.

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