Roar Studio Creates a Whimsical HQ for Abu Dhabi’s Early Childhood Authority

When it came time to design Abu Dhabi’s Early Childhood Authority headquarters, they enlisted Dubai-based interior design studio Roar, lead by Creative Director + Founder, Pallavi Dean. The 1800-square-foot office boasts a whimsical aesthetic with playful and colorful elements paired with an innovative workspace design. The result is an inspiring space for adults to remember to “view the world through the lens of a child.”

While the Early Childhood Authority office isn’t designed for children, its playful spin creates a relaxing, invigorating and light-hearted environment. Vibrant colors, tactile textures and soft shapes bring each space alive without it feeling over the top or childish.

Distorting mirrors encourage employees and visitors to interact with them – a perfect reminder that adults can have fun while still being productive.

The office includes a curated mix of pieces that set the tone and mood of each space in the office. They even consulted with a color psychologist to develop the color scheme throughout to evoke certain feelings.

It would be impossible not to smile while working here!

The design offers focused solo workspaces along with places to collaborate.

Each bathroom features a regular door with a small door inside to remind everyone that it’s a space for adults and children.

Photos © Oculis Project