A Neon Lighting Collection Inspired by Otherworldly Concepts

Latvian designer Dace Sũna’s collection of sculptural, neon lights is inspired by a number of special concepts, all of them seemingly separate but are actually divinely connected. A background in interior design with a BFA from FIT NYC and an interest in spatial, dimensional and light connection, Sũna looks to that intersection where science and art meet to inform her works.

I learned the art of neon making while residing in Los Angeles. The process of working with these raw, sacred, and colorful noble gases such as neon, argon, krypton, helium, and fundamental molten states of glass take me closer to the stars where I believe we come from. It’s this very interesting work process where science and art meet, therefore, magic happens.

After obtaining her Kundalini Yoga certification, Sũna’s interests in chakras, frequencies, and light therapy as a healing modality also help her give form to lighting sculptures. Theories about dream states and meditation realms also come into play.

For more information, visit dacesuna.com.