Meirav Galan Architect Breathes New Life Into a Neglected Townhouse

In the historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv stood a townhouse that was neglected, graffiti’d and overrun with weeds. After being a sold to its new owners, a family of six, the home underwent a massive update spearheaded by Meirav Galan Architect (MGA) that included architectural preservation and detail restoration, partial destruction and new additions. The before and after photos speak for themselves.

In the northern wing of the house, MGA preserved the two floors, the facade’s original openings and the unique balcony but built a new extension to look as if it had always been there. The architect shares:

On my first visit to the house, underneath all the neglect, I could sense the European charm combined with the local Mediterranean scent. I discovered impressive high ceilings, classic European wooden doors and windows, iron detailed balustrades and a beautiful Mediterranean balcony with a Parisian touch. I imagined myself reviving the story and interweaving with my clients’ dreams.

The southern wing was also redesigned to look like the original northern facade for a seamless continuation.

The garden patio acts as a bridge between the original space and the new extension. It provides additional natural light and functions as a private outdoor space.

An ultra-long kitchen island spans the length of the dining area and provides plenty of storage.

Steel frame windows frame the interior garden patio, providing even more natural light in what would have otherwise been a dark, shadowed quarter.

The tiled roof is replaced by a new rooftop balcony that includes a plunge pool and succulent garden.

Photos by Gideon Levin.