The Thankspressure Rug Combines Acupressure With Dance to Treat Common Ailments

Designed by Sangmin Oh, a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven and founder of Osangmin Studio, Thankspressure is a tapestry project that prompts the user to engage in acupressure through dance in order to treat six common ailments. What looks like raised pebbles throughout the rug are actually various dance steps that Oh believes will help relieve headaches, eye strain, stiffness, stomachaches, constipation and period pains. The rug, produced in collaboration with TextielLab, is accompanied by a book that shows how it should be technically used. Through textile and innovative technologies, Oh combines eastern acupressure with western sports dances on a colorful stage.

For more information on the Thankspressure rug, contact Osangmin Studio via Instagram.