The Minimalist Bulthaup Sant Cugat Showroom Feels Like a Home

Bulthaup Sant Cugat is a minimal kitchen showroom space located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio for Bulthaup. In an effort to evoke a more intimate and personal atmosphere, softness in details and warmth mark the reimagined space.

“The idea behind the new design is to evoke family warmth and take the project towards a more domestic concept,” explains Bulthaup. Materiality was key in achieving this identity – natural and stained oak in different tones was used to balance the concrete floors.

With considered arrangement, the kitchens are distributed among two floors. The first of which serves as an atelier in which visitors can interact with materials and finishes, while the upper level feels familiar and domestic, represented through iconic furniture and objects.

Photos by Montse Capdevila.