The Architexture Table Collection Is a Fresh Take on Traditional Italian Architecture

Milan Design Week 2021 was extra ripe with inspiration this year. The Architexture Collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Budri, caught our collective eye for its minimal and linear shapes. A contemporary take on traditional Italian architecture, the series includes eight tables of varying heights and sizes: one rectangular and two circular dining tables, two circular coffee tables and three circular side tables. The marbled bases are the highlight, composed of alternating rings of color, with the glass tops giving them lots of room to shine. The color block effect created recalls some of the most iconic facades of the Italian Renaissance. Shades of pink and blue – Pink Onyx, Aquarel Onyx, Azul Boquira, Verde Lapponia, Verde Antigua and more – are lighthearted without feeling forced.

The main point of the Architexture Collection is the sustainability used in its marble processing. Many with Italian origin have been used, including Verde Alpi, Verde Borgogna, Verde Venezia, Bianco Statuario and Travertino Romano. Even the TuttoGreen Carpet, related to the collection, is made of green marble. Plastic cylinders, spheres and parallelepipeds highlight unique colors and veins in each marble variety, and act as artwork that supports the collection. Three textures – diamond, plissè and groove – are used throughout to create depth while simultaneously creating a conversation between matter and light.

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