“Flowing Fragments” Is a Series of Objects Made To Send a Message About Cultural Preservation

Inspired by the architecture of Greco-Roman civilization, designer Richard Yasmine created Flowing Fragments, a series of 16 mesmerizing, limited edition tables/stools that elicit the same kind of wonderment you get when you look at an impossible column optical illusion. Each piece is 42x42x42 cm and made of different alternating slabs of sedimentary and basaltic stones. The minimalist yet simple geometric forms and cuts expose a certain kind of rhythm and order to each piece, all the while highlighting the beauty that can be made from using production waste, left over materials, and off cuts.

In designing the series, Yasmin also hopes to send a message about protecting our global and cultural heritage. It is a physical reminder that we need to save the remaining fragments of previous civilizations, protect forgotten and abandoned sites, and preserve what’s left of history, one that’s constantly being threatened by urban development in today’s societies.