Yinka Ilori’s New Homeware Collection Begins With the Square Stool

Building on top of his debut in-house range of tablewares and textiles last year, London-based multi-disciplinary artist Yinka Ilori will be launching homewares next month under his eponymous studio, starting with his first foray into furniture with the Square Stool. Available in an extremely limited edition first drop of 30 pieces, the Square Stool brings Ilori’s optimistic color play and sculptural design into the home. After that, the studio plans to release a new iteration of the stool series every six months using different materials and finishes.

Ilori shares more about the inspiration behind his colorful design:

When it came to thinking about furniture for the new collection, I knew I wanted to revisit the archive designs that I had created for the Cannes Lions festival as part of my 2019 Playground installation that was commissioned by Pinterest. That installation was about encouraging creativity, positivity and encouraging people to have fun collectively – ideas which I feel are especially relevant today as we all come back together following a tough few years. I’d also enjoyed seeing how people were interacting with the stools, using them in different ways as both table and chair, or simply viewing them as works of sculpture. So that’s how I envisaged these being used in the home – multi-functional pieces that can be easily moved from room to room, stacked up, sat on, eaten from, used as side table or simply displayed as a joyful art piece. This first series I’ve made very personal, each hand-crafted in ply and painted by hand for individuality but my aim is to re-imagine each series with relevant and innovative materials which will build into a collection of works that sit together with the same structural profile but that will each signify something different.

The Square Stool will be available at yinkailori.com in December 2021.

Photos by Andrew Meredith.