Tsuyama Furniture Celebrates Cedar + Cypress Woods at Designart Tokyo

Tsuyama Furniture is the result of a collaboration between SEIKI DESIGN STUDIO and the wood industry in Tsuyama, Okayama, in western Japan. The duo’s aim was to design and create a modern, simple series of furniture that expresses the beauty and texture of cedar and cypress trees. Japan and its people have a close relationship with forests, in fact they cover 70% of the country’s entire land mass. In an effort to integrate wood further into our modern lives, Tsuyama Furniture puts forth a collection that pays attention to the form and materials that made up everyday pieces. From a dining table to a trip of vases to a floor lamp, the series is a comprehensive look at what’s possible using these materials. Tsuyama Furniture was exhibited October 22 – 31 at Designart Tokyo.

To learn more about Tsuyama Furniture, visit tsuyamafurniture.com.