Óseo Is Two in One: A Kinetic Sculpture + Lighting

Having made its debut at ZSONAMACO 2021 Art Week in Mexico City, Óseo is a dynamic kinetic sculpture designed by Federico Stefanovich that also functions as lighting. Balance is everything with this piece, with Óseo’s composition relying on calculated volume, mass, and density – as well as the distance between objects – to achieve equilibrium. Each individual element’s shape has to be created from these measurements before being handcrafted with traditional woodworking techniques. Thanks to this approach each shape has slight variations, making every composition unique. Óseo subtly changes depending on its surroundings and how much air is flowing nearby, creating an individual experience for everyone who encounters the sculpture. It’s available in solid walnut or inked oak wood, powder coated steel, and paper.

Photo: Alejandro Ramírez

To learn more about Óseo, visit federicostefanovich.com.

Photos by Mariana Achach and Alejandro Ramírez.