Giralot Rotating Storage Is Playful + Hardworking

It seems like no matter the size of your living space, there’s never enough storage. Take it upon yourself to explore a fun solution in the playful Giralot from Resource Furniture. The rotating storage tower is a piece of furniture that’s perfectly suited for an entryway, bathroom, or just about any area that needs some extra help with clutter and organization. Add pantry space to the kitchen, an office supply closet to the den, or a place to corral your child’s clothing and toys. Keep the things you need nearby while achieving that clean look you always aspire to. There’s even a Giralot Mini version!

Giralot storage units are crafted from walnut or oak in a variety of colors, finishes, and configurations. How does it work? A central column rests on the floor and is attached to the wall, allowing each storage block to swivel 180-degrees. Choose between left or right opening to fit the area in your space where Giralot is being put to work.

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