Beat the Winter Blues With Modern White Decor

The winter season is well underway, which means there’s no better time to embrace the fresh, modern aesthetic of wintery white and neutral decor. Far from basic, a snow-white color palette has a near magical ability to bring light and energy into your space – something we could all use more of as we cope with gloomy winter days. To keep the dreaded winter blues at bay, we rounded up our favorite pieces of white decor that’ll brighten up any room in the house.

CandleHand “You Rock” White by 54 Celsius

Who said white decor can’t be fun? This “You Rock” CandleHand by 54 Celsius is a clever way to add personality in your space and is guaranteed to spark up conversation with guests. Design Milk’s founder and chief creative officer, Jaime loves her Candlehand candles too, saying they’re “a very cute and stylish accessory – makes it difficult to choose whether to light it or leave it!” We vote leave it, so the rock and roll vibes never stop.


Conic Candle Holder by Puik Design

There’s nothing like the warm glow of candlelight to cozy up a room, and the industrial white concrete design of the Conic Candle Holder by Puik Design makes for a unique, tactile way to incorporate winter whites in your space. The steel spring detail makes inserting and removing candles easy, and it even comes in black and golden finishes giving you the freedom to switch up your look as desired! For added brightness, opt for a solid white tapered candle.


White Speckle 10″ Dinner Plate by Norden Goods

Never underestimate the power of beautiful dinnerware to completely transform everyday meals. These White Speckle Dinner Plates by Norden Goods make every dish (even the ones you just slapped together) look and feel like a gourmet level creation. The white speckled glaze makes every meal look vibrant and colorful on your plate, while the stone exterior adds an earthy touch, and makes these dishes extra satisfying to hold – but don’t worry, they’re made to withstand everyday use (and are dishwasher safe!).

$44 each

Hanging Self-Watering Planter by Eva Solo

We can all use a bit more greenery in our homes (it’s one of our favorite design trends this year!), especially during winter as we countdown the days to spring! This Hanging Planter by Eva Solo makes caring for your houseplants during the wintertime easy – nylon wicks in the bottom of the upper level of the pot draw up water from the planter’s water reservoir as needed, keeping your plant hydrated at its own pace!


Stack Grey Art Print by Tom Pigeon

Tom Pigeon’s Grey Stack Print proves that a minimal white color palette can still be playful! The print’s pile of bold, geometric shapes pop against the light gray background, creating a modern graphic look that’s soft and neutral enough to still work seamlessly with the rest of your home decor.


Dumbo Bookend Pair in Medium Warm White by Tortuga

Between their modern curved shape and creamy white colorway, the Warm White Dumbo Bookends by Tortuga create a beautiful contrast against the multicolored spines of your novel or cookbook collection. Made of solid powder-coated steel, these weighty bookends will hold up against the weight of your to-be-read pile, bringing fashion and function to your shelves.


Limited Edition Flipping Out Desk Clock by cloudnola

A reimagined take on cloudnola’s best-selling Flipping Out wall clocks, the Limited Edition Flipping Out Desk Clock is designed with a stand that allows you to style it on your shelf or desktop. The modern white colorway adds a polished look to any surface in your home, while the retro-inspired shape adds charm and playfulness. The best part? The oh-so-satisfying sound of the time flipping.


Cream Velvet Knot Pillow by Knots Studio

A personal favorite, it doesn’t get much cozier than the Knot Pillows by Knots Studio. From the whimsical knot shape, plush filling, and luxe velvet material – this will be the throw pillow you’ll find yourself holding onto whenever you’re on your couch. The cream colorway makes this already luxe throw pillow feel even more fancy, pretty much guaranteeing that it’ll dress up any spot in the house.


Ausi White Table Lamp by Graypants Inc.

Playing with texture is a major key to getting the most out of white decor, just look at the Ausi White Table Lamp by Graypants inc. Handmade using recycled cardboard, the Ausi Lamp has a unique, lantern-like texture that’s enriched by the warm, ethereal light it emits. Use it as a functional light source for everyday tasks or to create a calming, intimate atmosphere.


NOMADE Table Lamp by Design Milk x Hollis + Morris

Designed in collaboration with Canadian design brand Hollis + Morris and Parisian architect Antoine Rouzeau, the eye-catching NOMADE Table Lamp has a sleek, ultra-modern design inspired by vintage petrol lamps used in the railway, mining, and navy industry. Featuring a unique lacquered metal base to hold the bulb, and a plexiglass disc that catches and diffuses light for a warm glow, this chic table lamp is guaranteed to brighten up your space.


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