The Valentine’s Day Gifts Our Team Is Giving + Getting This Year

Hard as it may be to imagine, Valentine’s Day is a little under a month away, so now’s probably a good time to start searching for the perfect gift – because no one wants to frantically run to the grocery store for last minute chocolate and flowers. Whether you’re shopping for a significant other, best friend, pet, or just want to treat yourself, the Design Milk team knows a thing or two about finding the best modern and unique Valentine’s Day gifts. Read on to see what we’ll be gifting and (hopefully) getting this V-day.

The Arc Earring by Emily’s

“I would gift these earrings to just about anyone! I wear these several times a week, and you can really customize your look with the different pairs (they also come in a set!). They are super simple, but elevate any look. I loved supporting this artist as well. Great quality earrings.”
— Abbi, Marketing Intern


Some Like it Hot Puzzle by Piecework Puzzles

“Now that we’ve been spending more time indoors, my fiancé and I have gotten into having puzzle nights at home. It’s a great way to ditch our screens, spend quality time, and work our brains in the process! I love the maximalist look of Piecework Puzzles, and Some Like It Hot is a cute and clever gift that’ll make for a fun V-day activity. Pair it with a bottle of wine and a playlist, and you’ve got everything you need for a cozy night in!”
— Alexa, Commerce Editor


Ribbed Tumbler by Cloud 9 Clay

“I’ve been obsessed with these rainbow tumblers since they landed in our shop. I love the ribbing and gradient colors – the cup is just bound to make you happy when drinking tea throughout the day or keeping it on your desk to hold all your pens and pencils.”
— Caroline, Editorial Director


Color Block Red + Pink Collar by Rag & Paw

“This year my valentine happens to be my pup, Bebe! As if she’s not spoiled enough, I plan on picking up this color blocked pink and red collar in my favorite color combo from Rag & Paw. There’s even an option to personalize it with her name that I’ll definitely be taking advantage of. She’s my heart!”
— Kelly, Senior Editor


Wick Portable LED Candlelight by Graypants inc.

“My husband and I love to cook and try new recipes from all over the world. Nothing beats a date night in the kitchen, making something new together. Serve it up with a candlelit tablescape and it puts the cherry on top. This LED candlelight is the perfect way to set the ambiance, makes a great gift, and can be used for so many other purposes in the future.”
— Lauren, Digital Designer


Vinyl Records Black Oud Candle by Anecdote Candles

“Just give me some takeout, vinyl records, this Anecdote candle, oversized, fuzzy socks, and a Friday night staying in at home… what more do you need?”
— Jaime, Founder + Chief Creative Officer


Roma Circular Gold Plated Ring by Leta

“Can someone send this link to my husband? I love this geometric ring from Leta, especially for the moonstone gem. It’s the perfect piece of jewelry that balances the line between everyday and special occasions – I would definitely wear it all the time!”
— Vy, Lifestyle Editor


No Time Wasted Watch by Projects Watches

“What is more classic than getting your partner a watch for Valentine’s Day? Maybe chocolates and flowers but that’s another story. As soon as I saw Projects Watches, I was hooked! Their modern and unique designs are simple, but just enough to make you stand out.”
— Lilit, Social Media Manager


Chunky Woven Blanket by AAPETPEOPLE

“A statement piece that you can snuggle with or without your Valentine? I’m in! I’ve been on the hunt for a chunky blanket since I first saw one and this one checks all the boxes. It’s gorgeous, washable, and made with 100% cotton vegan yarn. So, no pilling or shrinking, and it’s biodegradable and recyclable.”
— Dixie, Director of Strategic Partnerships


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