Organize in Style With These 10 Modern Storage Solutions

As we’re at the end of January, let’s all come clean – our mission to completely reorganize every space in our homes for the new year has lost some steam, right? Thankfully, there’s nothing like a shiny new storage solution to reignite the desire to sort (keep vs. give away), save (thoughtfully reconsider the “essential” items), and store (put said items in a beautiful container) all our belongings. But not just any old bin will do, the perfect storage solutions should hold all of your odds and ends, sure, but they should also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space. We rounded up our favorite modern storage solutions that do just that.

Dosa Storage Box by House Raccoon

The adorably petite Dosa Storage Box by House Raccoon is the perfect place to store your tiny items and trinkets. Handmade in Belgium using Jesmonite, every box is totally unique, making it something you’ll want to keep for ages. House Raccoon’s range of muted and minimalist color options like white and black marble, millennial pink, and (my personal favorite) olive green mean there’s a shade for every decor style. The best part? House Raccoon plants a tree for every item sold!


Medium Storage Bins – Set of 2 by Open Spaces

New to the Design Milk Shop, these Medium Storage Bins by Open Spaces tick all of the boxes (no pun intended). They’re spacious enough to hold all of the things, durably made of hard plastic that’s easy to clean, stackable, and my personal favorite – incredibly minimal and chic. The circle feature at the face of each bin gives you a peek of what’s inside and also makes them easy to grab and pull off of shelves. Choose between cream or light blue colorways for a look that works for your space. Watch our latest TikTok for ideas on how to use these!

$62 – 72

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Revov Coin Storage by Mordeco

A Design Milk favorite, the Revov Coin Storage Box has an oddly satisfying magnetized swinging lid and funnel-like opening that makes storing small items fun. Use it to keep all your loose change in one place, to store small desktop items like paper clips, or for jewelry and other tiny accessories. The beech wood upper lid, and the weighted aluminum base are the perfect combo of materials too, lending a sleek, modern look to any room in the house. It’s also available in white.

$55 (15% savings!)

Press Vessel by Craighill

The Press Vessel by Craighill is a worthy home for your most prized keepsakes and can be used virtually anywhere in the house. Made from precision-machined anodized aluminum for an ultra-modern and industrial look, these upscale containers feature airtight closure that makes it an ideal storage solution for spices in the kitchen, a safe spot for delicate jewelry, and a perfect place to preserve fragrant items like incense cones. It also comes in a black finish!


Atlas Cork Planter / Desk Pencil Holder by mind the cork

We love a multipurpose storage solution and mind the cork’s planter and pencil holder combo is exactly that! Sustainably made using the brand’s namesake Portuguese cork, this modern storage vessel has a lightweight, tactile design that brings natural personality to any surface. Use it to store desktop essentials like pens and pencils, paint or makeup brushes, or make it home for your favorite succulent!


Large Wire Baskets – Set of 2 by Open Spaces

Open Spaces’ Large Wire Baskets give you easy access to your items and are large enough to fit anything from folded laundry and towels to bed linens and toys. The durable steel construction is scratch resistant and has a matte finish that gives the modern and minimal bins a more elevated look. Even better, there are plenty of soft, Scandi-inspired color options to choose from – so you know you’ll find a set that complements any space in the house.


Wood + Felt Valet Tray by Komolab

This classic Valet Tray by Komolab uses a sophisticated combination of solid wood and felt to house all of your extra-special objects like jewelry, watches, eyewear, and the like. The soft felt base ensures coveted accessories don’t get scratched or scuffed while not in use, and the solid walnut or maple wood finish adds a refined look that’ll turn every visit to your closet or dresser into an upscale, luxurious experience.


Rubber and Brass Basket Set in Gris by Slash Objects

Complete with a unique speckled design and elevated brass detailing, Slash Objects’ Rubber and Brass Basket Set is an ultra-modern way to store all of your essentials. We love the artful combination of recycled rubber and luxurious brass, and the tactile interest the bins bring to spaces! The basket set can be used in the kitchen for supplies and pantry items, in the bedroom for books and linens, or in the living room for magazines and other everyday objects – you can also order them individually in small, medium, and large sizes.


3 Size Bako Bin Set by Graf Lantz

The Bako Bin Set by Graf Lantz includes 3 different sizes of the brand’s beloved Bako Bins for all of your storage needs, in their signature sustainable merino wool felt material. We love the textural interest the merino wool brings to spaces, and the playful pouch-like shape of the bins. But don’t be fooled by their soft appearance, the bins keep their structural integrity and are odor, stain, and dirt resistant for easy cleaning!

$194 (6% savings!)

22″ Wire Basket by Bend Goods

Inspired by African market baskets, this Wire Basket by Bend Goods has an elegant copper finish that brings a touch of glam and personality to your home. The width of the basket (it’s the widest basket in their collection) makes it perfect for large throws, towels, or comforters, but it plays well just about anywhere! Design Milk shopper Beautha uses hers in her kitchen, saying “it works perfectly to hold everything from snacks to fruit. It’s quite large but yet functional and stylish at the same time.” Bonus: it’s also available in gold and white!


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