Thatcher Celebrates a New Brand Identity With Two New Launches

Thatcher is launching two new product collections to celebrate its new brand identity. Though Portland-based wallpaper studio Juju Papers and Avery Thatcher Tile only recently announced the merger, the new design studio is still committed to creating beautiful and innovative products to elevate interior spaces. That promise is apparent in its newest collections: Mother, a wallpaper collection inspired by light, and Ether, a tile collection that plays with colors and shapes.

Mother is inspired from fishing lures, an otherwise unexciting object in the realm of design. However, the kaleidoscopic film that the lures are made of are actually quite alluring upon closer inspection, bending and reflecting forms of light to attract unsuspecting fish. In the wallpaper collection, the iridescent wallcoverings act similarly, reflecting light from the various surface layers and streams of light that flow in throughout the day. With pinks, silver, hints of blues and purple layered throughout, it’s a finish similar to that of a mother of pearl lining of a mollusk shell and will light up a space in the most ethereal way.

In contrast, Ether is much more punchy in color. The distinctive curvy motif is Thatcher’s portrayal of the shape of light’s reflection in the water, as well as the perception of color traveling through the earth’s atmosphere. The collection is handcrafted in Mexico using pigmented concrete and can be customized to specific color ways.

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